Diploma in General Studies (Extended)

  • VTAC code: 3800310701

Where will this take me?


The Diploma in General Studies (Extended) is an excellent way to prepare for further university study. If you have not studied maths, science or other prerequisites before, DiGS Extended is your opportunity to complete these subjects in a supportive environment to give you the foundations you need to pursue the career you want.

You can study course prerequisites or gain credit towards a University of Melbourne degree.

It also gives you the chance to explore your options. Whether you want to contribute to sustainability through improved land management or agriculture, help communities overcome challenges, design better buildings or products, build or grow a business or solve problems through science, DiGS Extended lets you explore your interests and potential.

Entry into an undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne

On completion of DiGS Extended, you could receive guaranteed entry into one of the following University of Melbourne bachelor degrees. Guaranteed entry applies only to those eligible for Access Melbourne and upon meeting the required guaranteed scores on completion of DiGS Extended.

If eligible, you could get guaranteed entry to one of the following:

Entry to University of Melbourne bachelor degree Guaranteed entry requirements
Bachelor of Agriculture Guaranteed entry if you achieve a pass in all DiGS Extended subjects, and up to 87.5 points of credit (equivalent to 7 standard subjects)
Bachelor of Arts Guaranteed entry if you achieve an average score of 75 in all DiGS Extended subjects
Bachelor of Commerce Guaranteed entry if you achieve an average score of 85 in all DiGS Extended subjects and meet the maths prerequisites^
Bachelor of Design Guaranteed entry if you achieve an average score of 75 in all DiGS Extended subjects
Bachelor of Science Guaranteed entry if you achieve an average score of 75 in all DiGS Extended subjects and meet laboratory science** and maths prerequisites^

** If one of BIOL10006 or CHEM10008 has been used to meet the laboratory science prerequisite for the BSc, then no credit for that subject can be taken into the degree.
^ Students without a 25 in VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4 cannot meet the mathematics prerequisites for the BCom or BSc using MAST10017, and must meet the prerequisite in other ways, for example, via UOM Calculus and Probability online or Unilearn Senior Mathematics.

Be ready for the workforce

The diploma develops your skills so you will be more prepared to enter the workforce.

If you're already in the workforce, you can study single subjects for your professional development. Choose from our array of subjects.

Explore your future

A Diploma in General Studies (Extended) gives you breathing space to decide what you really want to do next, and provides a structured stepping stone to a meaningful outcome – whether that is employment or further study at the University of Melbourne.

Graduates may also continue their studies at another university or TAFE.