Concurrent diploma

Diploma in Mathematical Sciences

The experience


In the Diploma in Mathematical Sciences you’ll be taught by researchers who are world experts in their fields: forecasting disease outbreaks, perfecting the mathematics of nano-scale microscopy, and decoding data to predict landslides are just a few of the projects our mathematicians and statisticians are leading.

You’ll benefit from close proximity to these important research centres and organisations – all located on campus:

Get involved with the Melbourne University Mathematics and Statistics Society. They organise a variety of activities, including seminars, trivia competitions, barbecues and of course the annual Puzzle Hunt and Maths Olympics.


Renee Demeo

"I really loved doing the Diploma of Mathematical Sciences along with my Bachelor of Science, majoring in Genetics, as it allowed me to continue pursuing my love of maths and biology. Through the diploma, I have developed analytical thinking and problem-solving skills that I can apply in my other areas of study."