Concurrent diploma

Diploma in Mathematical Sciences

What will I study?


With a Diploma in Mathematical Sciences you can specialise in:

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Operations Research/Discrete Mathematics
  • Pure Mathematics
  • Statistics/Stochastic Processes

You will learn to work with mathematics and statistics while collaborating with people in other disciplines such as science, industry, technology and commerce to think critically and argue logically.

Course structure

Students undertake the Diploma in Mathematical Sciences together with an undergraduate degree, to make a total program of between 350 and 400 points.

Up to 50 points of appropriate Mathematics and Statistics subjects in the undergraduate degree program may also be attributed to the Diploma.

Students are required to select subjects in the undergraduate degree and the Diploma, so that all requirements of the undergraduate degree are met and, in addition through the Diploma, the student meets the specific requirements for the award of any one specialisation of the major in Mathematics and Statistics, as defined for the Bachelor of Science.