The experience


Studying alongside Bachelor of Music students and students from other courses,  you will benefit from the state-of-the-art facilities in the University's $104.5 million Ian Potter Southbank Centre, opening in 2019.

The building will include cutting-edge studios, tutorial rooms catering for groups of up to 20 students, plus small rehearsal studios for up to three musicians.

Under the guidance of the acclaimed teaching staff of the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, you will learn in through a  stimulating mix of of environments including individual tuition, masterclasses, large lectures, seminars, tutorials, online learning and ensembles.


Chloe Uhrmachar

“I feel that my education is more well-rounded because of my enrolment in the diploma program. My science studies exercise the analytical and logical side of my mind, while my music studies allow me to be creative and artistic. I get to experience incredible opportunities in both departments, from working with world-class French horn players to studying groundbreaking research about the human body.”
Chloe Uhrmachar (Australia), Bachelor of Science and Diploma in Music