What will I study?


The Melbourne Chancellor's Scholarship is available alongside every University of Melbourne bachelors degree.

Your major

If you’re enrolled in one of our six new-generation Melbourne curriculum degrees in Arts, Biomedicine, Commerce, Design, Music or Science, you’ll focus on a major – or, in the case of Music, a specialisation. In Arts, Commerce and Design, you can study up to two majors.

Your breadth studies

Breadth is a unique feature of the Melbourne curriculum. It gives you the chance to explore subjects outside of your study area, developing new perspectives and learning to collaborate with others who have different strengths and interests — just as you will in your future career.

Some students use breadth to explore creative interests or topics they have always been curious about. Others use it to improve their career prospects by complementing their major with a language, communication skills or business expertise. Many discover new passions through breadth and some even change their career plans!

'Breadth tracks' (groups of breadth subjects in the same sort of study area taken throughout your degree) may even qualify you for graduate study in a field that's very different to your major.

Specialist degrees

If you are studying one of our three specialist degrees – in Agriculture, Fine Arts or Oral Health – you’ll follow programs that have been co-designed with industry. These degrees do not include compulsory breadth studies.

Concurrent diplomas

We offer four concurrent diplomas:

Concurrent diplomas allow you to study an extra qualification alongside your degree. This can enhance your employability and enable you to develop detailed knowledge in an area outside your main area of study.

You can study a diploma alongside your undergraduate degree (adding a further year of study), or cross-credit up to 50 points (four subjects) of study in your undergraduate degree and your diploma, enabling you to complete the degree and the diploma within 3.5 years.

High-achieving students may be able to complete their degree and diploma within three years. Conditions apply, and you should discuss your options with a course adviser once you enrol in your undergraduate degree.


Charlotte Holland

“Receiving the Chancellor's Scholarship has given me a sense of security leading into university – I can pursue my academic goals and various interests without the added stress of finances and of an uncertain future hanging over my head. I am also very grateful for the added freedom to pursue a foreign exchange opportunity thanks to the contribution of the scholarship."

Charlotte Holland (Australia) Bachelor of Biomedicine, Melbourne Chancellor's Scholarship