Graduate degree pathway

How to become a construction manager

3 years Bachelors degree
2 years Master of Construction Management

1. Choose an undergraduate degree

Complete a three-year Bachelor of Design with a major in Construction.

Learn about the fundamentals of construction management within the natural, designed and built environment to work across all levels of the construction industry.

Experience site visits and presentations by industry professionals to deepen your understanding of real-world practice and expand your network while you study.

If you choose to study in another undergraduate discipline, the graduate program will provide the foundation studies for students with non-construction backgrounds.

2. Enter the Master of Construction Management

Choose the Master of Construction Management which is an accredited professional degree to help develop your career in the construction industry.

Learn to manage the construction process end-to-end, and choose one of three specialisations to enhance your skills and knowledge:

  • Building
  • Cost management
  • Project management

Gain the theoretical knowledge, as well as the practical skills, to manage the social, technological, financial and environmental challenges facing the construction industry today.

Complete the Master of Construction Management in two years if you have studied a Construction major in your undergraduate degree.

Alternatively, if you wish to study in another field first, you will still have the option to undertake a three-year Master of Construction Management. Or, if you study in a related major such as Architecture or Civil Engineering Systems then you may receive credit for appropriate subjects in the first year of the program.