Graduate degree pathway

How to become a dentist

3 years Bachelor degree
4 years Doctor of Dental Surgery

1. Choose your undergraduate degree

First you will complete a three year undergraduate degree with studies in anatomy, biochemistry and physiology at a second-year level. You can do this through a Bachelor of Biomedicine or a Bachelor of Science, which will give you the foundational knowledge in science so you can apply your research and practical skills in the Doctor of Dental Surgery.

Dental Surgery through the Bachelor of Biomedicine

A Bachelor of Biomedicine prepares you for the challenges of healthcare delivery and biomedical research.

Dental Surgery through the Bachelor of Science

This pathway offers a range of scientific studies including health sciences, technology and engineering systems.

2. Enter the Doctor of Dental Surgery

Following your undergraduate degree, you will complete the four-year Doctor of Dental Surgery to qualify as a general dentist practitioner. You will complete intensive clinical training in dental surgery, dental practice and dental research.