Graduate degree pathway

How to become a doctor

    3 years Bachelor degree
    4 years Doctor of Medicine

    1. Choose your undergraduate degree

    To study medicine, you must first complete an undergraduate degree with prerequisite studies in anatomy, physiology and biochemistry at second-year level (or equivalent).

    2. Enter the Doctor of Medicine

    Following your undergraduate degree, you can complete a Doctor of Medicine. Designed for students who have completed their undergraduate studies and are committed to professional training, this unique MD recognises both the personal and professional development of each individual.

    The Doctor of Medicine (MD) is a four-year full time course comprising:

    • One year of integrated bioscience and clinical learning featuring an innovative case-based teaching approach
    • Two core clinical training years which facilitate learning with patients in a wide range of settings
    • MD Research Project in which each student is immersed in a single medical discipline and completes a research project
    • A capstone semester in which students "rehearse" the skills required for effective and safe clinical practice
    • An annual medical conference to provide opportunities to interact with leaders in research, policy and clinical healthcare.