Graduate degree pathway

How to become a lawyer

3 years Bachelor degree
3 years Juris Doctor

1. Choose your undergraduate degree

Your undergraduate degree is your opportunity to explore your interests and study a variety of topics. It allows you to enhance your university experience and career options by giving you professional expertise from a range of disciplines.

As an introduction to law, you can study law subjects in your undergraduate degree through the Breadth program.

2. Enter the Melbourne JD (Juris Doctor)

The Melbourne JD provides unmatched opportunities to study law in an intellectually stimulating and collaborative environment for graduate students.

As a Melbourne JD student, you will develop an exceptional understanding of legal principles and highly relevant case law within a diverse student body. Seminar-style, discussion-based classes, a faculty of world-renowned experts and a wide variety of industry and alumni connections ensures JD graduates are practice-ready for the modern legal landscape.

The full-time course is three years, extention is three and a half or four years and acceleration is two and half years, subject to approval. The part-time course can be completed in four to six years. The Melbourne JD commences in early February every year and there is no mid-year intake.