Graduate degree pathway

How to become an urban planner

3 years Bachelor degree
2 years Master of Urban Planning

1. Choose your undergraduate degree

At Melbourne, you can focus on your studies in urban planning from day one and complement your course with subjects from outside your discipline.

Urban Planning through Design
With a Bachelor of Design you can complete a major in urban planning and acquire extensive knowledge in the field. In the Urban Planning major, you will develop a broad knowledge of the history, theory, leading concepts and principles of urban planning and design. You will understand the role of planners in influencing environmental sustainability, economic resilience and social equity in cities and towns, and be able to identify the main trends and factors shaping the development of local, national, regional and global communities.

2. Enter the Master of Urban Planning

Next, you will complete the Master of Urban Planning to qualify as a professionally accredited urban planner. This is a professional degree that focuses on Australian and International policy and planning and how we cope with these challenging population and environmental issues.