Graduate degree pathway

How to become a veterinarian

    Standard entry

    1. Undergraduate degree

    First you must meet the entry requirements for your chosen undergraduate degree.

    2. Graduate degree

    The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine also has specific subject prerequisites and grade entry requirements to be considered for entry. Graduate applicants (who are not entering via the accelerated pathway) must complete a semester of biology and biochemistry. Students who complete the Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne, may be eligible for the accelerated pathway.

    Accelerated entry pathway

    Students wishing to progress into the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with one year of credit must complete the University of Melbourne Bachelor of Science, Veterinary BioSciences major in third year. To be competitive for selection, students must achieve a minimum of 70 per cent in first and second-year science subjects as well as complete the prerequisite subjects including Frontiers in Veterinary Science, Biology, Biochemistry and Physics (if not completed in Year 12).

    Upon satisfactory completion of the Veterinary Biosciences major, students transition into the second year of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, receiving one full year of credit (for all DVM first-year subjects).

    Graduate Degree Packages

    The University also offers guaranteed entry to high–achieving domestic and international students who have completed an Australian Year 12 or the IB in Australia based on your ATAR.   More information on Graduate Degree Packages.

    Graduate Degree PackageATARCSP VTAC Course CodeInternational Fee Paying VTAC Course CodeOther selection criteria
    Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Veterinary Medicine98.50+38005103013800510303In your undergraduate degree:
    Weighted Average Mark (WAM) 70%+
    Personal Statement
    Complete the Bachelor of Science, Veterinary BioSciences major

    Melbourne Chancellor's Scholars

    Melbourne Chancellor's Scholars are guaranteed a place into the graduate degree of their choice following successful completion of their undergraduate degree.


    The University offers a range of scholarships at both undergraduate and graduate level.

    Find a scholarship that's right for you

    Other guarantees available

    DegreeGuaranteed Entry Requirements
    Doctor of Veterinary MedicineApplicants who achieved an ATAR (or notional ATAR) between 95.00 and 98.45 in Year 12 and commence and complete a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne with a weighted average mark of 70% or higher are guaranteed an Australian fee place (for domestic students) or international fee place in the six-year Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Veterinary Medicine accelerated program. Students are required to complete a Bachelor of Science with a major in Veterinary BioSciences. Completion of the first two years of the Bachelor of Science, including the appropriate prerequisite subjects, with a minimum H2B (70%) average in both Level 1 and 2 science subjects is required.