What you will learn

Gain contemporary skills and knowledge.

Data abounds in modern organisations, but data without meaning is useless. Process mining enables businesses to extract useful transactional data from their own IT systems to gain insights that can significantly enhance performance.

This course explores key process mining tools and techniques and will equip you with the knowledge needed to kickstart a process mining project in your own organisation.

It is ideal for professionals involved in organisational improvement and operational excellence projects.

Understand how to leverage data for better decision making

Explore how process mining uses data rather than perceptions to shift thinking from 'confidence-based' to 'evidence-based'. Examine how this can help an organisation make better decisions along performance dimensions such as efficiency, quality, compliance and risk.

Explore key process mining tools and techniques

You'll gain accessible insights into the main techniques and tools used for process mining, discuss what analytics can be extracted, and explore how these can be visualised and interpreted to gain better insights into how your organisation actually works.

Put your process mining knowledge into practice

Begin to put key concepts and techniques into practice through a range of examples, compelling case studies and supervised exercises drawn from various industry domains. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to run your first process mining project and gain the required buy-in to put up a case for process improvement based on your results.


For individuals

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This course will not be offered in 2022. For further information on future intakes of this course, please register for updates.

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