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Common Occlusal Problems and Management of Tooth Wear in General Practice


Recent evidence-based studies and review papers have seriously questioned traditionally held theories about the role of occlusion in restorative dentistry. Often dentists are left wondering whether occlusion has any real relevance at all. This situation is made all the more confusing because many patients seem to adapt to occlusal changes, which occur naturally over time, or which we introduce when we restore their dentitions.

However, other patients do not adapt and this can lead to pain, tooth mobility, fractured teeth/restorations and excessive tooth wear. The presence of excessive tooth wear itself usually implies a hostile oral environment, in which occlusal forces are high and teeth and restorative materials are rapidly deteriorating.

This new course discusses the management of the most common occlusal problems encountered in general practice and the main types of tooth wear. The hands-on classes demonstrate simple, practical techniques for recording, analysing and dealing with occlusal issues, including the restoration of worn teeth.

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Program Delivery – Online Blended Learning and Hands-on Pre-clinical session

  • Online web lectures via Learning Management System, Canvas.
    A short MCQ (multiple choice questions)to cement your knowledge on the lecture topics. An additional one hour of Scientific CPD is awarded.
  • Online Live Q&A Session for follow up questions and interaction with the presenters.
  • Hands-on Pre-clinical lab session – this session is only available to participants who have first completed the online blended learning lectures, MCQ and Live Q&A session.

Major Topics

  • Common Occlusal Problems in Practice
  • The Main Types of Tooth Wear
  • Occlusal Splints
  • Treatment Planning for Worn Dentitions
  • Choice of Materials for Rehabilitation
  • Composite Resin Build Ups
  • Short Clinical Crowns
  • Understanding parafunction and its effect on treatment planning and the choice of materials

Learning Objectives

  • Diagnosis and management of occlusal problems and tooth wear in general dental practice

Course Presenters

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Dr Vahed Parzham Dr Vahed Parzham

Dr Dinusha Goonawardhana Dr Dinusha Goonawardhana

Assoc. Prof Subir Banerji

Course Information

Key dates

Wednesday 6 September 2023

9.00am - 5.00pm


Course fee: $1,541 (inc GST)


Ground Floor Pre-Clinical Laboratory

Melbourne Dental School

723 Swanston St, Carlton, VIC 3053

Extra information

CPD Credit: 13 hours of Scientific CPD