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Diabetes Academy – Managing Your Type 1 Diabetes


With the correct knowledge, support and understanding, type 1 diabetes can live with you - not the other way around

This course covers a multitude of topics relating to type 1 diabetes. The majority of these are those that people with type 1 diabetes themselves have indicated as being areas that they wanted information on, when first diagnosed. Course content is delivered by a multi-disciplinary team of experts, some of whom also have type 1 diabetes.

This course is due for release in January 2021.

Designed For

The course is designed for adults with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes, their family members and friends. However, the content is such that anyone with type 1 diabetes, regardless of diabetes duration, can still benefit.

Learning Outcomes

The course will cover a multitude of topics relating to type 1 diabetes, including:

the development of diabetes and differing types;

  • Management of type 1 diabetes
  • Insulin injections and pump therapy
  • Capillary self-blood glucose monitoring
  • Continuous and flash glucose monitoring
  • Hba1c
  • Hypo/hyperglycaemia causes and management
  • Sick day management
  • Dietary choices and benefits of exercise
  • Preventing complications and maintaining good mental health
  • The effects of alcohol, smoking and illicit drugs
  • Funding to help with type 1 diabetes management
  • The effect of type 1 diabetes on career choices
  • Driving and travel
  • Hospitalisation and surgery
  • Pregnancy

Throughout the course, you will also hear from various health care professionals who make up your ‘diabetes team’. They will explain the role they play in helping to keep you healthy.

Course Structure

Course Outline

Course Units - List of tutorial names

Tutorial 1: What is diabetes and how do I manage it?

Tutorial 2: How do I deal with diabetes emergencies?

Tutorial 3: How do I look after my health overall?

Tutorial 4: How does diabetes impact my day to day life?

Tutorial 5: Can I have a healthy baby and what are the risks of my baby having diabetes?


The assessment is submission of the 5 tutorial unit self-assessments.

A Certificate of Completion is provided upon satisfactory completion of the course.

Delivery mode

Course completion requires approximately 5 hours of elearning.

Students have the flexibility to study in their own time and location. Program materials can be accessed through the eLearning Education app on mobiles and tablets with iOS, Android or Windows systems. Program materials can also be accessed using a web browser.

Course Leaders

Course Directors
  • Associate Professor Elif Ekinci (MBBS FRACP PhD) is a clinician researcher and is the Sir Edward Dunlop Medical Research Foundation Principal Research Fellow in Metabolic Medicine, the University of Melbourne. Her research focus is diabetes and its complications, aiming to significantly improve clinical practice and health outcomes.
  • Dr Steven James (RN PhD) is a Lecturer in Nursing at the University of the Sunshine Coast. He holds an honorary appointment as a Clinical Lecturer within Medicine (Austin Health) at the University of Melbourne. He has extensive experience as a Credentialled Diabetes Educator and has type 1 diabetes himself.
  • Fran Brown is a Registered Nurse and who also has extensive experience as a Credentialed Diabetes Educator. She is established in private practice, now trading as Melbourne Diabetes Education and Support.
  • Dr Michelle Jayasuriya, Austin Health
  • Linda Hammond, Austin Health
  • Jessica Jones, University of Melbourne
  • Loredana Marchione, University of Melbourne
  • Alice Gage, University of Melbourne
  • Louise Sikaris
  • Shannen D’Mello
  • Rebecca Loveridge, University of Melbourne
  • Joanna West
  • Samantha Grayling
  • Deborah Boyce, Mercy Hospital for Women
  • Cath McNamara, Deakin University

Entry Requirements

There are no set entry requirements for this course.

Application procedure

This course will be released in January 2021.

Please complete the Expression of Interest form and we will notify you once the course is released.

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Entry requirements

There are no set entry requirements for this course.


The assessment is submission of the 5 tutorial unit self-assessments. A Certificate of Completion is provided upon satisfactory completion of the course.