What you will learn

Gain contemporary skills and knowledge.

Authentic persuasion and negotiation are crucial skills in the contemporary workplace.

This short course, which can be taken online or face to face, is ideal for leaders or professionals of any sector wanting to better impart their perspective and influence others.

It will help you develop clearer arguments and negotiate more effectively within a range of contexts – from engaging with individual team members to leading complex organisational change.

Find your unique persuasive voice

Explore how to find your own unique voice and tone, and how to use these in different professional contexts.

Develop more coherent and articulate arguments

Drawing on theories of rhetoric and debate, you'll explore how to use critical judgment to curate your ideas into a more cohesive argument.

Understand how to navigate multiple viewpoints

Analyse how to approach differences of opinion and enable multiple viewpoints. Consider conflict resolution as a creative practice and build your capacity to navigate multiple perspectives to work towards a shared decision.

Put creative leadership communication into practice

Explore how you can become a better leader by adopting creative communication styles. Gain the tools to approach difficult conversations with confidence.


For individuals

To take Finding Your Persuasive Voice as a stand-alone course, you'll pay the normal price.

$880.00 AUD (inc GST)

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