Short course

Interdisciplinary Management of the Upper Lateral Incisor Conundrum


This program aims to demonstrate a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to the dilemma we all face in clinical practice of congenitally missing lateral incisors and peg shaped lateral incisors. The specialist presenters will bring a wealth of expertise in key aspects of this field.

Major Topics

  • Orthodontics: Treatment planning and case selection: to open or close space?
  • Prosthodontics: Using a range of restorative options for the treatment of peg lateral incisors. Comprehensive planning involving implants in the lateral incisor region. Using Maryland adhesive bridges to restore missing lateral incisors.
  • Endodontics: Diagnosis and strategies in management of dens invaginatus and considerations in management of incomplete root formation of the lateral incisor.
  • Periodontics: Practical implication on integrating socket preservation into everyday clinical practice.
  • Maxillofacial surgery: Advances in 3D printing of bone grafting.

Learning Objectives    

At the conclusion of the program participants should be able to:

  • Understand the timing of various treatment choices according to patient needs
  • Identify which cases are best suited to orthodontic space opening or closure
  • Understand the different space requirements for the various treatment options
  • Understand the prescription and limitation of small diameter implants
  • Understand the material and preparation requirements for adhesive bridges
  • Understand the biological basis for socket preservation and identify case scenarios suitable for preservation procedures
  • Understand endodontic considerations in management of teeth with incomplete root formation.
  • Understand the optimum timing of implant placement for the missing lateral incisor.
  • Understand which cases are best suited for implant placement and which are not suitable.
  • Understand the space requirements for implant placement in the lateral incisor region.
  • Understand the limitations of today’s digital planning for implant replacement of the lateral incisor.

Program Delivery – Online Blended Learning and Hands-on Pre-clinical session

  • Online web lectures via Learning Management System, Canvas.
  • A short MCQ (multiple choice questions)to cement your knowledge on the lecture topics. An additional one hour of Scientific CPD is awarded.
  • Online Live Q&A Session for follow up questions and interaction with the presenters.

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Course Presenters

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Dr Michael Zhao Dr Michael Zhao

Dr Yana Itskovich Dr Yana Itskovich

Dr Sam Verco Dr Sam Verco

Dr Nigel Souter Dr Nigel Souter

Dr Praveen Nathaniel Dr Praveen Nathaniel

Dr Matthew Chan Dr Matthew Chan

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Key dates

Available for enrolment throughout 2022


Course Fee: $265 (inc GST)



Extra information

CPD Credit: 7 hours of Scientific CPD