What you will learn

Gain contemporary skills and knowledge.

Authentic drawing and painting practices enable creative expression, allow us to communicate with others in meaningful ways, challenge norms, and shift options. Mindful practice can also improve wellbeing and provide inroads to sense-making in an increasingly complex world.

Through the theme body and movement, this course explores scale, movement and space in painting and drawing, as key elements in a compelling and contemporary drawing and painting practice.

It is delivered at our world-class Southbank facilities and is ideal for anyone interested in developing a more rewarding personal or professional painting or drawing practice.

Painting and Drawing Studio 2: Body and Movement can also be complemented with the other short courses in our Painting and Drawing suite, which is part of Creative Arts Studios. See course details for more information.

Hone your technical skills based on traditional methods and contemporary practice

Looking at both the abstract and the figurative, you'll gain an overview of both historical and contemporary painting and drawing practices. You'll explore traditional skills, new techniques, and practical approaches to contemporary formats, as well as highly valued research methods drawing upon acute observation, reflection and artisan skills.

Investigate scale, movement and space with a focus on life drawing

Explore foundational painting and drawing techniques with focus on life drawing, contour, motion and scale. You'll draw and paint using a variety of techniques in a range of scales and formats.

Learn to harness colour

Explore colour theory and the power of primary and secondary colours, and how you can use these to develop a compelling and contemporary drawing and painting practice.

Find your unique style

As you activate your painting and drawing skills, you'll learn to find your own creative ‘hand’ and unique style. You'll engage in exploratory practices and expression based on body and movement, and learn to use your authentic style in a range of contexts.


For individuals

To take Painting and Drawing Studio 2: Body and Movement as a stand-alone course, you'll pay the normal price.

$990.00 AUD (inc GST)

Please contact Student Support to pay by invoice.


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