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Suturing: Improving Clinical Outcomes in Practice


Suturing - Improving Clinical Outcomes in Practice

This course aims to refresh and update your knowledge on suturing techniques in relation to commonly found clinical situations.

Closing and stabilising wounds satisfactorily is the key to predictable surgical outcomes. Its importance in achieving consistent predictable results is often underestimated. Nearly all surgical procedures require the use of sutures. Whilst simple at its core, achieving good results is unlikely when performed poorly. The instruments that we choose to use, the materials we select and the techniques we employ can have a significant impact on the efficiency and results of treatment.

Program Delivery – Online Blended Learning and Hands-on Pre-clinical session

  • Online web lectures via Learning Management System, Canvas.
  • A short MCQ (multiple choice questions)to cement your knowledge on the lecture topics. An additional one hour of Scientific CPD is awarded.
  • Online Live Q&A Session for follow up questions and interaction with the presenters.
  • Hands-on Pre-clinical lab session – this session is only available to participants who have first completed the online blended learning lectures, MCQ and Live Q&A session

Major Topics

  • Why we suture - flap design, wound stability and its' effect on clinical outcome
  • Suture material and types and their appropriate selection
  • Hands-on suture techniques in respect to various extraction socket scenarios, coronally advancing flap for closure of OACs, apically repositioning flaps, biopsy closures, implant closures, soft tissue augmentation and frenectomy

At the conclusion of the program participants should be able to:

  • Have a greater understanding of the suturing and its effect on the clinical outcome
  • Identify the type of sutures available and their appropriate selection
  • Use of various suturing techniques for a variety of clinical situations

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Course Presenters

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Dr Nick Boardman Dr Nick Boardman

Dr Kate Burgess Dr Kate Burgess

Course Information

Key dates

Tuesday 10 May 2022

9.00am – 1.30pm


Course Fee: $1,026 (inc GST)


Melbourne Dental School

723 Swanston Street

Carlton Vic 3053

Extra information

CPD Credit: 7 hours of scientific CPD