About Architecture

Architecture today is the product of many disciplines, which is reflected in the diversity of choice at the Melbourne School of Design (MSD). Urban design, planning, cost management, engineering, environmental design, materials science, product development, construction, landscape, art and the social sciences overlap to inform what we do as Architects. Architects combine creative vision, innovation, technological understanding and architectural theory to shape how we live, work and play in our built environment. As an architect, you will deal directly with many of the complex challenges facing our world, and will be at the forefront of change and issues of sustainability and resource scarcity. Design lies at the heart of the architectural process, and you will learn to develop your designs using modelling and rendering techniques through studio-based classes and virtual and physical modelling.

The MSD is a vibrant community of exceptional students and staff involved in shaping the built environment and often through unexpected discoveries. As teachers we strive to develop imaginative, thoughtful, critical yet industrious students, complete with the appropriate skills to improve the quality of our built environment, addressing complex questions through a synthesis across disciplines. The philosophy of “Thinking and Making” encompasses all that we aspire to achieve.

Our studios become the space for exploring the physical world; they are the place of critical debate and applied research. Practice and studio become intrinsically linked through modes of enquiry and provocative questioning. The studio should be seen as a design laboratory for testing ideas and producing unexpected results with creativity at the heart of what we do