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Course Videos

Dive deep into our courses and find out more about how a postgraduate degree will provide you with the skills you'll need in the future workplace. Discover how we embed the latest thinking in research into our courses to help you become a well-rounded, thoughtful and skilled professional ready to take on any challenge.

Meet your academics

At UniMelb, you'll learn from some of the world's leading researchers and educators. Our inspirational academics are just as inspired about the energy you bring. Until you meet them in person, meet them in this series of videos and discover why they believe UniMelb is the best place to build your future.

Student Profiles

Don't take it from us that UniMelb is a great place to study. Hear from our postgraduate students about the courses they've chosen and why, what life at uni is really like and the connections they've made.

Student Support

Discover how to get involved with campus life through our clubs and societies, learn more about student accommodation and find out where to go when you need extra support.

Undergraduate on-demand

Are you an undergraduate student who is looking for on-demand content? Explore here.