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Meet our students and learn more about their university experience from what they've enjoyed most about learning at Melbourne to how COVID-19 has changed their engagement with the University.

Meet Master of Arts and Cultural Management student, Abe Watson

"I always knew I was passionate about theatre and the arts but studying the Master of Arts and Cultural Management has reinforced in me why I continue to do what I do. The student cohort is very multicultural and diverse. Tutorial discussions are engaging because people bring their own perspectives, formed by their own experience. It’s fascinating learning about how things are different (or similar) in all different corners of the globe. It’s a great environment for learning."

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Meet Master of Applied Linguistics student, Sarah

We've handed the keys of our Instagram to Master of Applied Linguistics student, Sarah. Watch as she shows us what it is like studying from her home in Hong Kong.

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How journalism students are helping Guardian Australia tell the stories of our time

The COVID-19 pandemic has wrought havoc to most industries this year, and the disruption to the journalism industry is no exception. But Master of Journalism students are getting real industry experience, working alongside Guardian Australia to augment their COVID-19 reporting with a project that explores how the pandemic has affected young Australians.

“The impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt across all levels of Australian society,” says student Liam Petterson, “but the pandemic presents unique challenges for young people. Research has consistently shown that young people are hit the hardest from recessions and can bear the consequences for the rest of their working lives. They are the most precariously employed, often in low-paid casual jobs, and a recession means many people lose that crucial foot in the door – that all-important next step.”

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Archives and Special Collections: uncover University treasures

Held deep in our library and archives are the treasures of the University. Our Special Collections include rare books, music, maps, and prints. We hold original items that span musical scores to manuscripts from Australia, East Asia and the world.

Our Collections are available to students for their own research, as well as embedded in a number of our online and face-to-face classes.

The University is also home to one of the most varied, richest, and largest university archives in Australia. Our 20 kilometres of archives house records of the activism, politics, business, social movements and significant individuals that have shaped our society.

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