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Master of Finance alum and Analyst at global startup Culture Amp, Doris Wu

“Coming to Melbourne was very different to my undergraduate studies in China, where it was more focused on textbook learning and studying for exams. In Melbourne, it involved a lot of group discussion, coupled with assignments and presentations. It was a very different structure, that made me engage with the subject more deeply. I think it also offered the opportunity to develop some really important soft skills.”

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Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) graduate and Master of International Business student, Sankitha Samaraweera

“I decided to pursue the MIB, because I wanted to build on the experience I’d gotten from the CPA and my accounting studies and I thought that in this day and age of globalisation, understanding international business is important. It’s an understanding that businesses need to not just grow, but to survive. I want to apply my accounting skills in that setting, looking at business in a broad way. In my undergrad I built a really strong foundation and I learned some fantastic technical skills, and now at the postgraduate level I’m taking on big-picture management skills, thing like communication and leadership skills.”

Graduate Certificate in Business

Alexandra Schemeczko

‘What I’ve loved so far, is the diversity of the course. That first subject was about tackling the numbers and accounting concepts. This second course is about how we interpret information. It’s been a really interactive learning experience, with lots of discussion and participation in group chats, drawing on your personal experience. That’s the other thing I’ve really appreciated about the GCB; how it’s structured. It’s targeted at professionals, people who are in the workforce and have those commitments. I work on a mining site, so I’ve drawn all kinds of weird rosters. For example, I just did two weeks of night shift. The structure of the course allows you to know what’s coming in advance, and plan accordingly, so you can balance your work life and when your assignments will be due.’

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