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Take your first step toward building a sustainable future, no matter where your passions lie, at Melbourne. From environmental policy to science-based environmental management or environmental engineering, you'll learn from leading academics, and gain the knowledge and professional skills to make a real impact.

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Take a deeper look at some of our graduate study options and discover the degree that fits your personal and professional goals best. Learn more about the study program and access key application information including entry requirements.

Can agriculture be climate neutral by 2030?

Climate-neutral agriculture is within reach, Professor Richard Eckard, who leads the Primary Industries Climate Challenges Centre where scientists work to understand how farmers can mitigate climate impacts, explains how in this bite-sized lecture.

Discover how our researchers are making a global environmental impact

For billions of people around the world, cereal-based foods including bread, rice and noodles provide a significant proportion of daily calories and energy. However, many of these foods are poor sources of essential micronutrients like iron and zinc.

Go behind-the-scenes with some of our top researchers and discover how they're making a global impact by redesigning wheat to create healthier versions of one of the world’s favourite foods – bread.

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At Melbourne, we're proud to be a global leader in sustainability. You'll have the opportunity for students to act on sustainability issues, through our resources, volunteering and training, and staff-student collaboration. Think beekeeping for our beehives on campus. As a university, we have a special role to play in confronting the challenges of climate change and environmental stewardship. We are on track to reaching zero-net carbon emissions from electricity by 2021 and we were the first university to be certified with a six-star Green Star Communities rating.

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