4:00- 5:00pm
4:00pm The Insider Story: Doctor of Physiotherapy Find out what Physiotherapy is all about, its flexibility and exciting arrangements.
4:00pm The Insider Story: Master of Biomedical Science This webinar will provide detailed information about the course structure, career paths and research involvement.
4:30pm The Insider Story: Doctor of Dental Surgery Course Structure, clinical placements, top notch training facilities.
The Insider Story: Master of Social Work Course structure, clinical placements, top-notch training by excellent staff
The Insider Story: Doctor of Optometry Find out about Optometry and why it is such an exciting field of work
The Insider Story: The Master of Public Health Find out about the exciting career opportunities following a Master of Public Health
The Insider Story: Advanced Nursing Practice Professional development in nursing that propels you further into the nursing career.
My rural experience in clinical training Students share their rural clinical placements experience and why they love it!