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Meet Jo Briscoe, Lecturer and Course Coordinator in Design and Production

"I’m a designer for narrative forms, which means I’m primarily a visual storyteller. I bring the world of a story to life, build backstories for the characters, and ensure the audience has a rich understanding of the action. I am passionate about telling stories that have impact and represent the true range of the human condition. I especially love stories that make us laugh and then sneak up with a big emotional punch. I also love narrative design because it’s so collaborative, and working with a team to realise something greater than the sum of its parts is incredibly challenging and satisfying. No day is ever the same."

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Dr Kim Dunphy, Dance Movement Therapist talks about art, culture and community building with therapy

Digital archives of sung poems seem a long way away from dance movement therapy, but for Dr Kim Dunphy it’s all part of a broader engagement with art, culture and community-building.

“One of the great privileges of being an academic is that you have the freedom to explore your research interests as long as you’re doing it with integrity, producing research and getting grants.”

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Chris Kohn, VCA lecturer: putting diversity centre stage

Since 2016, Chris Kohn has been working on a PhD looking at theatre made by people with intellectual disabilities and those identifying as neurodiverse. Right now, though, he's excited about a completely different kind of diversity project.

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Meet Master of Music (Opera Performance) student, Samantha Hargreaves

"I began the Masters of Music (Opera Performance) fresh from my undergraduate degree of music which I also carried out at Melbourne. Initially, I had known next to nothing about opera and classical singing but I was very eager to learn. High drama, coloratura, voices that could sing above orchestras – it was all fascinating to me."

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Can music revolutionise dementia care?

A University of Melbourne global study is using music to support people with dementia and associated depression. Our Creative Arts and Music Therapy Research Unit is leading the Australian arm of the study into music therapy, and how it can improve the lives of millions living with dementia.

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