Commonwealth Supported Place fees for graduate courses

You pay a student contribution amount, with the amount determined each year by the Australian Government and the subjects in which you enrol. The exact cost of your student contribution depends on the subjects you take, not the overall course you're studying.

Graduate subjects

Every graduate subject at the University is assigned to the Government’s fee band by discipline which determines what the student’s contribution will be for a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP). Subjects within one course may not necessarily be from the same discipline band. See the discipline bands and student contribution amounts in the tables below.

2018 discipline bands and student contribution amounts

Discipline Annual student contribution amount for 1 Equivalent Full-Time Student Load (EFTSL).
Your actual student contribution will be charged by subject.

Band 1

Humanities, behavioural science, social studies, education (see Notes), clinical psychology, foreign languages, visual and performing arts, nursing (see Notes)

$6,444 per standard year*

$805 per standard subject (12.5 credit points)

Band 2

Mathematics, statistics, computing, built environment, other health, allied health, science, engineering, surveying, agriculture

$9,185 per standard year*

$1,148 per standard subject (12.5 credit points)

Band 3

Law, accounting, administration, economics, commerce, dentistry, medicine, veterinary science

$10,754 per standard year*

$1,344 per standard subject (12.5 credit points)

What is EFTSL?

EFTSL stands for Equivalent Full-Time Study Load. Student contribution amounts are generally calculated as if a student is to undertake one year of full-time study, which is usually 100 credit points. If course duration is less than one year, or the student studies less than a full-time study load, fees are adjusted accordingly.

The total amount you are charged is the sum of the fees for all subjects you enrol in. To calculate your fees, you will need to know the credit points for each subject you wish to undertake and the total number of credit points required to complete the course. You find this information by searching for your course in the Handbook.