Graduate coursework grade conversion eligibility calculator

This calculator can help you determine if you are eligible for admission to a graduate course at the University of Melbourne. Select your preferred graduate course and provide information about your previous study to receive an indication of the score required to be eligible. For any other questions you might have about the calculator have a look at our FAQS below. This calculator should be used as a guide only.

We can answer your calculator questions

The Calculator converts your grades to a University of Melbourne score requirement. It provides an indicative score to be eligible for a graduate coursework program, in your home institution’s grading scale.

An ‘eligible to apply’ outcome from the Calculator is solely based on the score required for entry to the course and does not guarantee a successful application outcome.

The Calculator does not:

  • Check your eligibility against all course entry requirements such as subject prerequisites, English language requirements etc.
  • Check that your qualification is at the equivalent level required (against the Australian Qualification Framework).
  • Consider any other assessment criteria (such as folios, personal statements, auditions etc).

Please review the course entry requirements prior to using the Calculator and applying to the University.

Our calculator provides an automated indication of your eligibility and the University of Melbourne equivalent scores required, based on your response to the listed criteria questions. Use of our calculator is voluntary and anonymous with the University committed to protecting the privacy and processing of information fairly and lawfully in compliance with applicable legislation.

Refer to the University’s Online Privacy Statement or other privacy statements for general information about how the we process and protect personal information.

The University of Melbourne continues to welcome students sponsored via sponsoring bodies including national government departments, provincial governments, private businesses, international and UN organisations such as the World Bank, national and private banks, aid agencies, universities. Sponsored students will be considered on a case-by-case basis and are encouraged to apply.

If you have previously studied at two institutions via a joint or dual degree program (where you have undertaken subjects in your degree at two or more universities) you will need to review the required scores for both institutions separately. Applicants with joint degrees are required to provide transcripts from study at all previous institutions when they apply.

Graduate Access Melbourne (GAM) is the University’s equity program for domestic graduate students. Under GAM, specific circumstances of applicants will be considered in relation to admission and bursaries. Students may gain admissions to programs below the published minimum score based on their GAM application.

Please note that submitting a GAM application does not guarantee selection. Whether or not you are awarded course admission, a commonwealth supported place (CSP), a bursary, or no consideration through GAM will depend on your individual, documented circumstances and also the strength of your GAM and course applications

Still have questions?

For more information about our courses, the application process and studying at Melbourne, please visit the future students support centre.

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