A course fee has been set for every graduate course at the University. The fees are determined by the course, not the subjects that comprise the course.

The total fees you will pay in any year will depend on your total study load for the year (comprising the total EFTSL or credit point value for all subjects in which you are enrolled).

If you're enrolling in an Office for Environmental Programs graduate course, your graduate degree will have subject-based fees. The Handbook lists all the subjects you can take in your course and their corresponding subject codes. The subject EFSTL value can be used to work out the cost of each subject.

Fee tables

The course fee tables set out the basis for calculating your tuition fees showing the fee for each EFTSL of study (100 credit points) in the year specified.

The tables also provide an estimate of the tuition fees for the first year of the course, and an indicative total course fee. These fees are provided as a guide only and are based on a typical study load for students commencing the course in semester one.

See 2018 Fee tables

See 2018 Fees and conditions

Please note that unless indicated:

  • The estimated fee year 1 assumes a full-time study load, commencing semester one in the year specified.
  • The indicative total course fee assumes a full-time study load over the duration shown:
  • For 2018, this is for studies commencing semester one 2018, with indexation of the 2018 International course fee at 5 per cent per annum for every additional year of study.
  • The indicative total course fee for courses less than one EFTSL duration assumes completion in less than one year in the year specified.

For graduate research (RHD) students, tuition fees are charged on a daily pro-rata basis during the period of your enrolment. You will receive an invoice twice per year for each day you are enrolled in research Semester 1 (1 January-30 June) and research Semester 2 (1 July-31 December).

If you are a commencing research student who enrols after a research semester commencement date, your first research semester fees will be adjusted to take account of the number of days you will actually be enrolled in that semester. Similarly, once you submit your thesis any refund of fees paid in advance will be calculated on a daily pro-rata basis.

Graduate students enrolling at the University of Melbourne in a course offered by the Office for Environmental Programs will pay tuition fees based on the particular subjects they choose to study.

Graduate subjects have been grouped into fee bands. The amount you are charged is the sum of the fees for all subjects in which you enrol. The discipline fee band tables below set out the basis for calculating your fees but do not necessarily represent a typical enrolment.