Find a supervisor

Your graduate research study will be guided by an academic supervisor. This person will be an expert in the area you are proposing to study and will guide and support you through all of the stages of candidature and ensure that you have access to necessary resources and facilities to complete your research project.

For most courses and areas of study you will need to find an appropriate supervisor as part of your application process. If your course does require evidence of supervisor support at the time of application, you can either upload an email from them stating that they are providing in-principle support for your application or complete this form and upload it to your application after the supervisor has signed it. If you are unsure whether in-principle support is required, you will be able to see this once you start your online course application as there will be a link to the form.

The University's Find an Expert website is a useful place to start. Use the “Experts for Research Supervision” filter to find those who are registered to supervise.

Know the faculty

The faculty your supervisor belongs to will be the faculty your course of study is with. It is important you note the faculty (or graduate school) of your supervisor so you apply for the right study package. This information will be shown in their entry in the Find an Expert website.