The University has updated its current travel advice to all students due to COVID-19. Student exchange applications from New Zealand for Semester 2, 2021 have been reinstated. We remain unable to receive study abroad and exchange applications from other locations for Semester 2, 2021. If you have an application for Semester 2, 2021, the Global Learning team will be in contact with your home institution. Further information on the University's response to COVID-19 is available on the dedicated COVID-19 website.

Returning home

When you return home there are several things you'll need to do to help you apply credit to your current home degree.

Translation of grades

On completion of your semester abroad you will receive a University of Melbourne Statement of Results.

Not all home institutions will translate your University of Melbourne grades to their precise equivalents. It is the role of the home institution to do this.

Below is a suggested translation scale for the conversion to US or Canadian and European grades. Translation of results for grading scales in other countries will vary but could be determined by comparison with these scales.

Grades translation scale

University of MelbourneGrade Percentage GradeUSA/Canada European Credit Transfer System
First Class Honours H1 80-100 A+
Second Class Honours – Division H2A 75-79 A- B
Second Class Honours – Division H2B 70-74 B+ B
Third Class Honours H3 65-69 B C
Pass P 60-64
Fail N 45-49


An official electronic transcript of your semester's results is made available to you after results are released and you can forward this to your home institution. If your home institution has advised that they still require a hard copy transcript, one will also be provided to your Exchange or Study Abroad office. This usually occurs a few weeks after the results are released, although at the end of the year with the Christmas break and summer holidays transcripts are not usually sent until the end of January.

Only one transcript is sent. If you require extra copies either immediately or at a later date they can be ordered directly from Stop 1. Please see the transcripts page for more information.

Your exclusive benefits and opportunities

Once you have completed your Study Abroad or Exchange, you will automatically be part of the University of Melbourne global alumni community.

We hope you had an invaluable experience at Melbourne and continue to stay connected with the University and your fellow alumni.

Ensure you update your contact details so you can be kept in the loop about the latest news, exclusive benefits, opportunities and experiences on offer in your location.