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Our Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) is designed to support students who have faced unique circumstances throughout their schooling to gain entry into their preferred undergraduate degree at Melbourne.

Access Melbourne helps us see the whole picture when you apply for undergraduate study.

Access Melbourne categories take your personal circumstances into consideration as part of your application. You may even qualify for guaranteed entry or a place in your preferred course.

Use the Access Melbourne Eligibility calculator for an ATAR estimate based on your personal details.

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Am I eligible for Access Melbourne?

Access Melbourne is our Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS). To apply, you must first meet all of the general eligibility requirements. Then, you can choose from nine categories for consideration as part of your SEAS application.

What about my ATAR?

Sometimes, your ATAR does not reflect your academic potential. If you're eligible for Study Score Consideration, you may gain entry into your preferred course even if your ATAR is below our published Guaranteed ATARs.

How do I apply?

Once you have chosen one or more of the Access Melbourne categories that suit your circumstances, you’ll need to submit a SEAS application through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC). We’ve prepared a checklist to help you with this process.

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How will I pay for university?

Domestic students are eligible for government subsidies and HECS-HELP to pay for course fees. A variety of scholarships, bursaries and other grants are also available to help pay for other costs.

Changes to 2024 applications

Access Melbourne Guarantees are expanding to include all undergraduate degrees that use ATAR for entry. We’re adding new guarantees for the Bachelor of Agriculture and the Bachelor of Oral Health, making it easier for you to secure a guaranteed place in these courses, provided you meet the eligibility requirements.

We’re also making it easier to apply for Study Score Consideration by removing the requirement to provide a personal statement. If you meet the eligibility criteria for Study Score Consideration and have included us in your VTAC preferences, you’ll be automatically considered for a place in the Bachelor of Arts, Biomedicine, Commerce, Design or Science.

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Indigenous students

If you want to study at Melbourne but feel unsure about meeting the requirements, there are Access Melbourne categories, extended pathways and tailored programs available to you.

Support for Indigenous students

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