Resident of a rural or isolated area category

Eligibility criteria

You are eligible for this category if you meet all of the below criteria:

  1. Your residential address is in a Statistical Area Level 1 (SA1)*, in a location that is not defined as a major city by the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS); and
  2. If you are a current Year 12 student, you have also completed your final two years of high school at a rural or regional secondary school.

* Checking the rurality rating of your residential address:

  1. First confirm the Statistical Area Level 1 (SA1) code of your residential address here use the 'Address search’, and ensure that the selected 'Census year' is 2016
  2. Once you have the SA1 code for your address (the SA1 code will be a 7-digit number), you will be able to use this code to search for the correlating Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) rurality rating on our rural rating spreadsheet
  3. If the ASGS rural rating of your residence is not classified as equal to 'Major Cities of Australia', then your address is eligible for this Access Melbourne category. Note that your school must also be rural or regional, if you are a current Year 12 student.

How to apply

To apply for this Access Melbourne category, submit a SEAS application via the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) under SEAS Category 1: Personal information and location.

Guaranteed entry

Year 12 applicants who are eligible for this category may be eligible to receive a guaranteed place if they meet the course prerequisites. ATAR requirements for guaranteed entry differ for each degree, please see the table below:

Degree Guaranteed ATAR for 2022 entry
Bachelor of Arts 76.00
Bachelor of Biomedicine 88.00
Bachelor of Commerce 82.00
Bachelor of Design 76.00
Bachelor of Science 76.00

Am I eligible to receive additional support?


At the University of Melbourne we are proud to have one of the most generous tertiary scholarships programs in the country, and many of these scholarships are exclusively available to eligible Access Melbourne applicants.

As an Access Melbourne applicant, you will automatically be considered for any additional scholarship opportunities that you may be eligible for. This means you won’t have to submit an additional application for scholarships that support rural or regional students.

We also maintain a strong bursary program to provide assistance with relocation, housing and other living expenses. Our residential colleges offer scholarships and additional support, which many Access Melbourne applicants may be eligible to receive.

See Melbourne Scholarships

University Accommodation

If you are an undergraduate student relocating to Melbourne, you are eligible for an accommodation guarantee through University Accommodation. Rest easy in one of our trusted residencies located in the heart of Melbourne and within walking distance of our Parkville campus.

See University Accommodation