How to apply for Access Melbourne

Follow the application process below to be considered for 2022 entry

  1. Select your preferred undergraduate degree

    Check out our undergraduate degree programs and decide which course(s) you would like to apply for. Don’t forget to confirm if the degree program(s) you are interested in consider Access Melbourne applications.

    Access Melbourne consideration does not apply to the following programs: the Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholars program (unless Indigenous), Graduate Degree Packages, concurrent diplomas or honours degrees.

    Browse undergraduate courses

  2. Apply for your preferred undergraduate courses through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC)

    Once you’ve decided on your preferred undergraduate degree(s) you will need to submit an application via VTAC.

    Apply with VTAC

  3. Apply for Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) with VTAC

    When you submit your VTAC application you’ll also be able to apply for SEAS consideration.

    SEAS is a VTAC managed, single application process that ensures your consideration for a range of access and equity programs offered by a number of tertiary institutions, including our Access Melbourne scheme.

    Take the opportunity to apply for SEAS consideration under all categories that are applicable to your circumstances. Applicants are not limited to a single SEAS category in their application.

    Remember to provide all required supporting documentation by the VTAC deadline. Supporting documentation may include: an impact statement, statement of support signed by a responsible independent source (i.e. doctor, lawyer, accountant, social worker), or copies of Government-issued correspondence.

    Your SEAS application will be sent the University, in conjunction with your undergraduate course application.

    Apply for SEAS

  4. Some applicants should also submit a VTAC personal statement

    Current Year 12 applicants who wish to receive study score consideration in addition to ATAR (see here for details) will need to also provide a statement using the VTAC Personal Statement.

    The deadline for submitting a VTAC personal statement is 3 December 2021 (before ATARs are released) but you can edit your statement up until 4 January 2022. If you think you might be eligible for this consideration we recommend submitting a personal statement by the deadline just in case. You can then edit this to include the information required for Access Melbourne once you have your Year 12 results and know if you meet the other criteria. Study score consideration in addition to ATAR will be applied inthe January round of VTAC offers.

    Check eligibility for using criteria in addition to ATAR

  5. Application assessment and official University offers

    The University will assess your undergraduate degree application, along with your SEAS application.

    If you are successful, you’ll receive a Melbourne offer with instructions about how to accept.

Need help applying?

Get in touch with our student support team for more information about applying for Access Melbourne. We can also provide guidance regarding scholarship opportunities, students loans, budgeting, finding accommodation, course planning and more.

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