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University fees

As a domestic undergraduate student your Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) means the government will subsidise the cost of your course fees. You’ll also have access to HECS-HELP, a scheme that allows CSP students to defer their student contributions and repay them once you start working.


To help you with costs for essentials such as textbooks, study supplies, living expenses and maybe even relocating, a variety of scholarships, bursaries and other grants are available.

The University of Melbourne offers close to 300 scholarships to Access Melbourne applicants. These scholarships provide an allowance of between $5,000 - $7,500 per year for the duration of your course and some cover the course fees as well. When you apply through VTAC using the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS), you’ll be automatically considered for these scholarships.


Melbourne offers a range of accommodation options to their students including University Accommodation and residential colleges.

There are housing scholarships and bursaries available to help pay for the costs of your accommodation.

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