Fee tables and calculations

Undergraduate fee estimates for international students.

How undergraduate fees are calculated

Undergraduate subjects are grouped into discipline fee bands. These fee bands are determined by the content of the subject, not the course, nor the faculty or school that teaches it. You will be charged the sum of the fees for all subjects in which you enrol. Most undergraduate courses require students to enrol in subjects from more than one discipline fee band for a total study load across all subjects of 100 credit points (1 EFTSL) per year.

To date fees have been set for 2018 and these are shown in the tables below. The subject fees in the tables form the basis for calculating your tuition fees but do not necessarily represent the fees for a typical enrolment. The fees are for each 100 credit points of study in that discipline fee band. You can use the amounts to work out your tuition fees for each year.

Broad area of study Discipline fee band International undergraduate subject fee ($AUD/EFTSL)
Agriculture, Engineering, Sciences and Veterinary Science Agriculture (including Agriculture - Dookie) $40,864
Computing $41,344
Engineering $41,344
Information Systems $41,344
Mathematics, Statistics $38,976
Optometry $47,936
Science $41,312
Surveying $41,344
Veterinary Science $64,768
Built and Natural Environment Built Environment $39,200
Business and Economics Accounting, Administration, Commerce, Economics $41,120
Education Education $31,232
Health and Medical Sciences Behavioural Science $39,520
Dentistry $64,320
Health (non-clinical) $39,520
Medicine $81,952
Medicine (clinical) $86,720
Nursing $29,920
Other Health $39,520
Physiotherapy $41,920
Humanities, Social Sciences and Languages Arts, Foreign Languages, Humanities, Social Studies $31,232
Law Law $40,992
Music, Visual and Performing Arts VCA (Audio Visual) $54,048
VCA (Foundation study) $20,544
VCA (General) $27,808
VCA (Performing Arts) $27,808
Visual and Performing Arts $27,808

Indicative Course Fees for 2018

Course type Course name Duration (EFTSL) CRICOS code Typical course fee ($AUD/EFTSL) Typical total course fee ($AUD)
Bachelor degrees Bachelor of Agriculture 3 037228G $40,976 $129,012–$129,300
Bachelor of Arts 3 002167E $31,096–$35,012 $98,064–$110,412
Bachelor of Biomedicine 3 058838G $38,208–$40,648 $132,952–$140,656
Bachelor of Commerce 3 002143B $38,648–$41,144 $121,896–$129,792
Bachelor of Design 3 090744C $28,664–$41,272 $90,408–$130,280
Bachelor of Fine Arts 3 075490A $27,808–$44,208 $87,712–$150,088
Bachelor of Music 3 058837J $28,664–$31,184 $89,488–$98,440
Bachelor of Oral Health 3 053176D $58,120 $190,104
Bachelor of Science 3 002153M $37,468–$41,232 $118,796–$155,608
Concurrent diplomas Diploma in Informatics 1 069831B $41,344 These diplomas are studied concurrently on a part-time basis with a bachelors degree. The 1 EFTSL duration shown is usually completed over three to four years.
Diploma in Languages 1 065143C $31,232
Diploma in Mathematical Sciences 1 069829G $38,976
Diploma in Music (Practical) 1 022054D $27,808

Indicative course fees for Honours and equivalent courses in 2018

Course type Course name Duration (EFTSL) CRICOS code Typical course fee ($AUD/EFTSL) Typical total course fee ($AUD)
Honours and equivalents Bachelor of Agriculture (Honours) 1 037229G $39,168 $39,168
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) 1 009645A $31,096–$35,012 $31,096–$35,012
Bachelor of Biomedicine (Honours) 1 073113J $38,208–$40,648 $38,208–$40,648
Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) 1 014798G $38,648–$41,144 $38,648–$41,144
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) 1 029294J $27,808–$44,208 $27,808–$44,208
Bachelor of Music (Honours) 1 060219F $28,664–$31,184 $28,664–$31,184
Bachelor of Science (Honours) 1 014791D $37,468–$41,232 $37,468–$41,232