Under 18 accommodation

If you enter Australia under the age of 18, you'll need to make appropriate accommodation and welfare arrangements while living and studying at Melbourne.

Accommodation options you can choose from include living with an eligible parent, relative or guardian, or living in accommodation approved by the University of Melbourne.

You may be able to live with a parent, guardian, or eligible relative while studying at Melbourne.

They'll need to have a valid visa to stay with you in Australia, and must:

  • have enough money to support you and themselves during their stay
  • be able to provide accommodation and other support
  • be at least 21 years of age.

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Melbourne Accommodation Program

The University provides an accommodation guarantee for all under 18-international students in university-owned or partnered accommodation. All residencies have been assessed and meet the requirements of the University for international students under 18 years of age. Specific lease agreement details and fees will vary between providers.

To apply for University Accommodation and be part of the accommodation guarantee, see information on our  University-owned and partnered residences.

If you want to live in University Accommodation, you’ll also need to register with the Under 18 International Student Supervision Program.

List of  University-approved providers

  • University of Melbourne - 303 Royal Parade
  • Atira La Trobe St
  • Atira Peel St
  • Journal Uni Place
  • RMIT Village
  • Scape Swanston
  • Student Village: University of Melbourne
  • UniLodge College Square on Swanston
  • UniLodge Royal Melbourne
  • Urbanest Carlton - 105 Berkeley St
  • Urbanest Melbourne Central
  • Urbanest Swanston St

You may choose to live in a homestay arrangement or in another student-only accommodation provider.

If you do, the University must inspect and approve your intended accommodation. Your proposed accommodation must meet the following conditions:

  • your parent (or legal guardian) must approve the proposed arrangements
  • there must be a responsible adult aged 21 years or over living in the household
  • all adults in the household must hold a current Working with Children Check
  • the housing must be located within a reasonable distance to campus. Travel time to campus should not exceed 35-40 minutes, and you must be able to travel safely between campus and home.

If you want to live in alternative accommodation, you’ll also need to register with the Under 18 International Student Supervision Program.

You can also apply to live in one of our residential colleges.

Each college has its own unique culture, traditions and accommodation, so it's important you research your options to find the right fit for you.

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Need help applying?

You can contact the International Under 18 Student Supervision team to discuss the program, support, welfare and accommodation options: Email Under 18 student support