Under 18 International Student Supervision Program

When you choose a University-approved accommodation option, you also become part of the Under 18 International Student Supervision Program.

The program provides you with additional support, guidance and activities to encourage you to be your best at the University of Melbourne.

Under the program you'll get to:

  • Attend our induction session, where you can meet our team and other under 18 students. You'll also be given information on how the program works, your responsibilities and what support you can access
  • Join in our program of events, activities and workshops, designed exclusively to support your transition to university, succeed academically and feel part of university life
  • Attend our student connect appointments, with a specialist adviser, where you can discuss your goals for university and co-create an action plan to achieve your goals
  • Check in fortnightly with our Under-18 team, to get support and ensure your accommodation is approved and appropriate for your needs
  • Drop in any time to talk about any issues with your living arrangements or approvals to change your accommodation.

To register for the 18 International Student Supervision Program you first need to have received an offer from the University of Melbourne.