Preparing you for life as a professional musician through specialist elite-level programs led by internationally renowned teachers with strong industry connections in the heart of Melbourne’s Arts Precinct.

Offering elite-level training for opera singers and répétiteurs, this course focuses on the craft of being an opera singer – doing, reflecting, and enacting a wide range of skills in a variety of repertoires.

Duration 2 years full-time
ModeOn campus (Southbank)
Closing date (DOM|INT) 31 October 2021

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Become a leader in music education as a performer-teacher. You will participate in a range of learning opportunities, connected to the study of Western classical and contemporary music, taught by internationally renowned experts.

Duration 18 months full-time
Mode On campus (Parkville)
Closing date (DOM|INT)31 October 2021

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Why study at the University of Melbourne?

The Melbourne Conservatorium of Music is Australia’s oldest and most prestigious music institution.

Taught by internationally renowned teachers and performers with strong industry connections.

Taught across our facilities in the new Ian Potter Southbank Centre and University's Parkville campus, including Melba Hall.

While studying at the Conservatorium, I was offered employment at a fantastic institution, and I’m confident I wouldn’t have been offered this kind of opportunity had I not continued with postgraduate study. The degree exposed me to what I didn’t know, to what I assumed, and to what I knew intuitively, and I couldn’t have had that kind of development without the aid of incredibly dedicated staff at the Conservatorium.

Hannes Lackmann
Master of Music (Performance Teaching)
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The bravery to be you