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Offered exclusively for University of Melbourne students, the Employment Fundamentals online series was created to complement your undergraduate degree and to provide you with additional skills to set you apart from other graduates.

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Please note that this graded version of Employment Fundamentals is only available to current students.

Why should I study Employment Fundamentals?

  • Each series is based on employer research and has been designed to give you workplace insights even though you may not have workplace experience yet.
  • Even if you’re not thinking about your career just yet, now and before entering the workforce is the best time to start undertaking these series, allowing you to keep your options open while building your knowledge in a new area.

Students can complete the series in any order once each is made available. Each series will run for approximately four weeks and include four modules.

If you complete and pass a series you will be eligible to sit the associated exam for your chosen series. Students that complete and pass a minimum of two online series and their associated exams will be eligible to apply for the Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Skills.

The series is designed to support and facilitate your seamless transition from university to the workforce. You can take each of these concurrently with your other studies at various intakes during the year. How many series you complete is up to you!

In today’s job market, fundamental management, communication, and decision-making skills, as well as overall business acumen continue to be essential to employers.

You will learn core concepts of Accounting, Financial Management, Economics and Markets, Strategic Management and Marketing. You will learn how to communicate effectively in a business setting and immerse yourself in the reality of the business world and how it works.

The skills obtained in this series will give you the confidence to move into your future role with a better understanding of broad business operations and its application to any organisation.

Whichever industry you work in, or whatever your interests, you will almost certainly have come across a story about how ‘data’ is changing the face of our world. Data is quantitative information.  

The ability to analyse data is fast becoming a base requirement in many roles. Data fundamentals is designed to help you navigate this growing landscape and help you become data-literate. Data literacy involves an understanding of the framework in which quantitative information arises, critical skills in evaluating the quality of data, and the ability to communicate these key insights effectively.

The four modules within this series are designed to give you the basic knowledge that underlies statistics and data and to help reinforce or fill gaps within your understanding. This course will not only give you the confidence and skills to collect, explore and discuss data, but also to critique its uses and interpretation.

Upon completion of the Data Fundamentals series you will have obtained an understanding of the important role data plays in evidence-based knowledge building and decision-making.

Gain an introduction to Australia’s laws and legal system with the Legal Fundamentals series. Explore how law is linked to notions of morality, ethics, fairness and justice. Dive deep into legal fundamentals — examine the concept of ‘rule of law’, how different legal systems operate, the key areas
and sources of law and various methods of dispute resolution.

With the Legal Fundamentals series, you will discover the impact that law has on your daily life and develop legal knowledge and skills to complement your discipline AND benefit you in your future career.

The Professional Communication series is designed to give you a grounding across a range of communication contexts – whether that be in the form of a written report, a brochure, a presentation, an online social media post or when it is to be delivered in person in a meeting or at a public event.

Do you aspire to turn your start-up ideas into reality? This Innovation and Entrepreneurship fundamental series will guide you on the journey from ideation to validation of a pitch-ready concept. Along the way, you will develop an understanding of both design thinking and planning, idea validation and
how to conceptualise a marketing strategy for launch.

By the end of the series, you will understand the principles behind the successful design of new products or services and developing a creative and agile mindset for future readiness.

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