The world of work is changing. Whatever your role or industry, upskilling is essential.

Melbourne MicroCerts are highly accessible, focused courses designed to equip you with in-demand skills for your job now. Led by experts, you’ll quickly gain the in-depth learning you need to make an impact.

Stay relevant and redefine what’s possible. Find your course now.

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Leadership, Management and Change

Learn to lead, manage, and collaborate effectively in new and evolving work environments.

Data, Technology and Digital Transformation

Become equipped to manage and embrace continuous digital evolution in your industry.

Creative Thinking and Communication

Gain essential skills, knowledges, and practices to stand out in the contemporary workplace.

Contemporary Education

Embrace the opportunities of a changing educational landscape to enhance student outcomes.

Sustainable Practices

Gain practical, up-to-date skills and knowledge to ensure your role contributes to a sustainable future.

Health and Innovation

Learn how to adapt to a rapidly changing health sector and ensure you’re prepared for challenges that arise.

Why Melbourne MicroCerts?

Gain sought-after skills you can build on at your own pace.

Take your career to the next level

Melbourne MicroCerts are our unique offering of a microcredential. These small, increasingly sought-after digital certifications focus on the specific knowledge, skills and capabilities your industry needs.

Developed by experts

Receive high quality learning underpinned by cutting-edge research for solving real-world challenges.


Gain skills and capabilities specifically designed to keep you relevant in an ever-changing world.

Accessible and flexible

Fast, focused upskilling designed to fit around work so you can curate your own professional development pathway.


Develop highly relevant skills and knowledge you can use in your job immediately.


Have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge or build up to a full degree over time.


Be awarded an information-rich digital certificate you can share with your professional network online or via social media.