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When you study design, you’ll combine art, science and technology with business, social and environmental concerns. Be challenged by real-world problems and learn from one of the most progressive design-inquiry and dynamic studio cultures in Australia.

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Attend an overview and Q&A session for the Bachelor of Design. Learn and ask questions about the course structure, majors and specialisations, entry requirements and more

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Your major is your chosen specialisation. Majors in architecture, building, planning and design are available in the Bachelor of Design, the Bachelor of Science, and the Bachelor of Fine Arts. You can also complete majors in engineering and IT with the Bachelor of Design

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Talk to design students, alumni and academics to have your Bachelor of Design questions answered

The Melbourne curriculum

Your Melbourne experience is yours to shape. If you’re interested in a career in architecture, building, planning or design you can start with our Bachelor of Design, or why not check out the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Production)?

Your undergraduate degree is an opportunity to explore your interests and study a variety of topics. It allows you to enhance your university experience and career options by giving you professional expertise from a range of disciplines. After your undergraduate degree, you can enter the workforce or progress to a specialised graduate, masters degree.

Get a taste of the Bachelor of Design

Many great creations start with a drawing. Theo Blankley, who teaches in the Bachelor of Design, explains why drawing is an important part of the design process in this bite-sized lecture.

Meet Bachelor of Design student, Sophie Schultz

The decision to pursue what she loves and walk through life with an open and inquisitive mind has seen Bachelor of Design student and freelance illustrator, Sophie Schultz carve her own unique path at Melbourne.

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What is breadth?

Unique to the Melbourne curriculum, our undergraduate degrees allow you to explore subjects outside your core study area – we call this breadth. Breadth means you can tailor your course to fit your individual passions and career ambitions. You may choose to take a single subject in something you’ve always been curious about; or take a sequence of three or more subjects called a breadth track. This can help you develop knowledge and skills relevant to topics like experiencing Indigenous culture, a musical instrument or a language.

Better than a double degree

Become a professionally accredited architect, urban planner and more by completing an undergraduate degree in design followed by a specialised masters degree. Secure your place in both degrees with a Graduate Degree Package. You’ll graduate with a higher level of qualification than a traditional double degree

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