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Looking to create a better world? Learn how to use innovative processes to solve problems creatively and provide solutions. Develop expert knowledge and skills, and study real projects focused on the built environment, engineering, technology, performing, and visual arts.

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Bachelor of Design sessions

Attend an overview session for the Bachelor of Design and learn more about the course structure, majors and specialisations, careers, entry requirements and more

Where can design take you?

Demand for employees with creative skills has risen in the past few years. Studying a Bachelor of Design will build your design thinking that’s in demand across tech, architecture, planning our cities, government, the arts and more. Our program sets you up to study Masters programs linked to professional accreditation across architecture, engineering, urban planning, design and construction.

As a graduate you could choose to pursue further study in law, education, politics or journalism.

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Entry requirements


These are the subjects (with minimum scores) you must have completed to be eligible for entry to this course. For most applicants this will be done by with the relevant Australian Year 12 subject.

Units 3 & 4: A study score of at least 25 in English/English Language/Literature or at least 30 in EAL.

Applicants intending to major in Civil Systems, Computing, Construction, Mechanical Systems, Property or Spatial Systems may be required to undertake a bridging subject in mathematics as breadth in first year. This is equivalent to Units 3 and 4 Mathematical Methods, and entry requires a mathematics background equivalent to Units 1 and 2 Mathematical Methods.

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Guaranteed ATAR 2021


Minimum ATAR 2021


Access Melbourne 2021

Guaranteed entry


Lowest selection rank 2020


Lowest ATAR selected 2020

Learn more about our study program including each of our majors at Open Days 2020. You'll also have the chance to ask questions and hear from our current students and academics.

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