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In choosing to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts, you will be welcomed by a community of practicing creatives and makers committed to pushing boundaries and the belief in the power of the artistic mind to effect change.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts sessions

Attend an overview session for the Bachelor of Fine Arts. Learn and ask questions about the course structure, specialisations, careers, entry requirements and plenty more


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The Bachelor of Fine Arts is an opportunity to undertake in-depth study in Acting, Film and Television, Screenwriting, Animation, Music Theatre, Theatre, Design and Production, Dance and Visual Art.


Upon completion of the Bachelor of Fine Arts, you may choose to apply for a fourth-year Honours degree. An honours year provides an intensive mode of study allowing you to master your specialisation and create a pathway into advanced graduate study options in your field.

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Learn more about our study program including each of our specialisations and honours study opportunities at Open Days 2020. You'll also access audition preparation advice, have the chance to ask questions, and hear from our current students and academics.

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