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Position yourself for a leading role in solving global challenges. We know future engineers require more than technical skill – think an innovative mindset, teamwork and communication – that’s why you’ll graduate with an ideal combination of professional and advanced technical skills.

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Get an introduction to studying engineering at Melbourne and learn about engineering specialisations

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Your journey to engineering begins from day one at Melbourne through the Bachelor of Biomedicine, Bachelor of Design, or Bachelor of Science

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What kind of engineer will you be? Start studying your chosen engineering specialisation through your undergraduate major

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Attend a drop-in session and chat to our panel of current students and academics, or join a demonstration to catch our drones in action, take a lab tour and much more

The Melbourne curriculum

Your Melbourne experience is yours to shape. If you’re interested in engineering, you can start with an undergraduate (bachelors) degree in Biomedicine, Design or Science. Over three years, you’ll be able to explore engineering majors in your bachelors degree while developing a deep understanding in your chosen major. These include bioengineering, civil, chemical, computing and software, electrical, environmental, mechanical, mechatronic or spatial systems.

Once you’ve completed your undergraduate degree, you’ll progress to specialised graduate study in engineering.

Learn more about your undergraduate options

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Meet Nami, Master of Engineering student

I wanted to have the flexibility of studying different types of engineering subjects before I fully committed to one major of engineering. Having an accreditation that would allow me to work world-wide will be highly beneficial to my career and allow me to explore the world.

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Better than a double degree

Become a professionally accredited engineer by completing an undergraduate degree followed by the Master of Engineering. Secure your place in both degrees with a Graduate Degree Package. You’ll graduate with a higher level of qualification than a traditional double degree.

Apply for a Graduate Degree Package through VTAC.

How to become an engineer