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Pursue the mastery of your discipline at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, proud home of the Victorian College of the Arts and the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. Learn to create in the way only you can.

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Attend a course overview

Attend an overview session for the Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Fine Arts. Learn and ask questions about the course structure, majors and specialisations, auditions, entry requirements and plenty more

Choose a specialisation

Follow your passion and take a closer look at our five music specialisations or nine fine arts specialisations

Learn about the experience

Discover how the Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development works with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to support potential and practicing Indigenous artists, and find out how our world-class professional development program IgniteLAB prepares you for a career in music

Auditions and interviews

You’ll need to audition or interview for your chosen specialisation. Get tips, tricks, and your questions answered so that you can prepare.

The Melbourne Curriculum

Your Melbourne experience is yours to shape. If you’re interested in the creative or performing arts, you can start with an undergraduate (bachelors) degree in Fine Arts or Music. Over three years, you’ll develop a deep understanding of a particular study area which will be your specialisation.

These might include acting, composition, dance, design, ethnomusicology, film and television, interactive composition, jazz and improvisation, music performance, music psychology, music theatre, theatre and visual arts. After your undergraduate degree, you can enter the world as an expert in your field, or progress to a specialised graduate, master’s degree.

Learn more about your undergraduate options

What is breadth?

Whether you are studying music, visual art, film and television, the performing arts, or one of the many specialisations at the Faculty, we encourage you to explore and experiment with other disciplines. Unique to the Melbourne curriculum, breadth study allows you to tailor your course to fit your individual passions and career ambitions.

You may choose to take a single subject; or take a sequence of three or more subjects called a breadth track, to help you build a sustainable career as an artist.