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Use science, technology and business to tackle critical climate, food and human and animal health sustainability issues and build a career with lasting impact.

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Attend a course overview

Attend an overview session for the Bachelor of Agriculture, Bachelor of Science or Diploma in General Studies. Learn and ask questions about the course structure, majors and specialisations, careers, entry requirements and plenty more

Choose a specialisation

Your major is your chosen specialisation. Learn how to take care of animals or our food supply with majors across the Bachelor of Agriculture or Science

Learn about the experience

Meet students and alumni, or take a virtual reality tour of our beautiful Dookie campus

Focus on: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Interested in becoming a vet? Learn about the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and pathways for studying veterinary science

The Melbourne Curriculum

Your Melbourne experience is yours to shape. If you’re interested in agriculture, vet or food science, you can start with an undergraduate (bachelors) degree in Agriculture or Science. Over three years, you’ll be able to explore your interests while developing a deep understanding in your chosen major. These include agricultural economics or science, animal health and disease, animal science and management, biotechnology, food science, plant science, plant and soil science and production animal science.

Meet Bachelor of Agriculture student, Saxon

We've handed the keys of our Instagram to Bachelor of Agriculture student, Saxon. Watch as she shows us where to go on campus to find succulent gardens, skeletons and more.

Watch her takeover

What is breadth?

Unique to the Melbourne curriculum, breadth study allows you to tailor your course to fit your passions and career ambitions by exploring subjects outside of your core study area.

Available through the Bachelor of Science, you may choose to take a single subject; or take a sequence of three or more similar subjects called a breadth track. This can help you develop knowledge outside of science, like media and communications subject to refine writing skills to write effective reports and analysis.

How to become a veterinarian

Become a professionally accredited veterinarian by completing the Bachelor of Science followed by the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Secure your place in both degrees with a Graduate Degree Package. Alternatively, you can study via the Bachelor of Agriculture.

Find out more about studying veterinary science

A pathway to Melbourne degrees

The Diploma in General Studies gives you the opportunity to explore a range of fields, and can be used as your pathway to a Melbourne bachelors degree. Build the skills to achieve at university while living in a close-knit and supportive community at our Dookie campus near Shepparton.

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