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Study and revision tips that will help you ace your exams

Muna's post-lecture study tip

Make the most of the time spent listening in your lectures or classroom by writing your summary notes at the end. This will help you to retain the new information, concepts, and ideas while they’re fresh in your mind.

Felicity's trick to remembering your subject content

Have you experienced the ‘forgetting curve’? 90 percent of what you learn will be forgotten within three days! The good news is you can fight back with ‘spaced repetition', one day, one week, and one month later.

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Year 12 study advice

Hear from our future teachers, Carmen, Mia and Tim, and get their advice and words of support for you.

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Weekly planner

Stay organised and keep track of how you want to spend your time with a weekly planner.

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Creating a revision program

Keep track of what you've revised so you don't waste time going over some topics too often at the expense of others.

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