Getting started online in the Bachelor of Science

For President of the Science Students Society (SSS) and third-year Bachelor of Science student, Aaron the Melbourne curriculum provided the opportunity to explore his passions and ultimately swap his major in mathematical physics to psychology.  Find out his top tips for getting the most out of your Melbourne degree and university study online.

Aaron's tips for online study

1. Stick to a routine

Treat each day similar to a school day. Create a timetable and set aside a few hours to complete different tasks for each of your subjects including readings, tutorial homework and assessments. Boundaries are important - you don’t want to be watching lectures in bed at night!

2. Use the discussion spaces available on the LMS (our online learning platform)

At first, it can feel a little daunting to ask for help at uni. If you’re unsure of something, the discussion spaces on our LMS can be the perfect way to ask any questions. You may even realise quite a few of your classmates have the same query. It is also a great way to start chatting to new people, make friends or study buddies.

3. Meet study buddies

Get to know people in your classes each week and create a study group. This can be an incredibly helpful and rewarding way to make it through exams and the semester.

4. Watch the lectures on the day they are released

Stay on top of your lectures and tune in the day they become available. It is very easy for them to pile up on lecture capture, and catching up can take valuable time out of your day.

5. Keep an eye out for events run by student clubs or UMSU (University of Melbourne Student Union)

Student society events are open to all Melbourne students. Throughout the year, you'll find educational events to help you with your studies, as well as social events from online escape rooms to trivia nights, live-streamed music and more.

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