Episode Two: Future proof your career

The Future is STEM. Find out if it’s true.

In this episode of The Secret Life of STEM, you’ll hear from creative robotics students at the Los Angeles-based Marlborough School.

Listen in if you’re curious about prerequisites and flexibility in university courses, and discover how university can offer experiences (like volunteering) to fine-tune your communication and leadership skills. These are all assets for future you!

Sure, you can plan a solid career direction, but what about unexpected surprises? Should you guard yourself against them, or throw caution to the wind?

It’s very likely you will work in many different jobs, and have career changes that definitely will not go to waste. Our advice? Be comfortable with the chaos of career development. Oh, and pick up some mentors along the way to help make sense of things!

Also in this episode: Josh Cake, a recent science graduate, explores irrational numbers in Reverse Engineering.

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  • Staff and students from the Marlborough School in Los Angeles
  • Dr Maddy Yewers, Ecologist and member of the In2Science Team at the University of Melbourne
  • Steph Wilson,  recruitment officer at the University of Melbourne
  • Warren Frehse, Senior Advisor in Careers and Employability at the University of Melbourne
  • Amy Shepherd, Neuroscientist
  • Dale Baum, Laboratory manager
  • Dr Georgia Atkin-Smith, a.k.a Some Blonde Scientist, science communicator

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  • Host and producer: Buffy Gorrilla
  • Guest Host: Rebecca Vincent
  • Supervising Co-producer: Dr Andi Horvath
  • Assistant producer: Silvi Vann-Wall
  • Additional editing support: Arch Cuthbertson