Episode 6: STEM: Will I fit in?

“I want to have a career in STEM - but will I fit in?” - this is a question on the minds of many young STEM students! And for good reason: for many years, the fields of STEM have been overwhelmingly dominated by workers who are straight, male and white.

But it’s been proven that the best and most effective teams are diverse teams - whether they are diverse in race, gender, sexuality, ability or neurodiversity. Diversity brings together many different perspectives, which allows for more efficient problem solving and greater innovation.

In this episode you’ll hear from people like Sophia Frentz, a disabled, non-binary scientist who currently works as an analytical consultant for DeLoitte. They’ll recount how their efforts made working in the lab more accessible for people like them. You’ll also hear from Grace Kalinin, an indigenous science student at the University of Sydney, who is also participating in the Indigenous STEM Education Project at CSIRO.

Also in this episode, Catriona Nguyen-Robertson explores “inherent” racial bias in her reverse-engineering segment on neuroracism.

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  • Bryce Hughes, assistant professor at Montana State University
  • Sophia Frentz, analytical consultant at DeLoitte
  • Chloe Stewart, a student of environmental science at RMIT
  • David Cameron-Staples, Senior Engineer at Unix Systems and Technology Management at Infrastructure Services
  • Catriona-Nguyen Robertson, PhD candidate, the Peter Doherty Institute
  • Grace Kalinin, participant in the Indigenous STEM Education Project, CSIRO
  • Grace McKee, Founder of Sisters in Science.



Guest Host: Dr. Amy Shepherd

Episode Host/Producer/Editor: Buffy Gorrilla

Supervising Producer/Science Advisor: Dr. Andi Horvath

Assistant Producer: Silvi Vann-Wall

Additional Editing: Arch Cuthbertson